Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Flat Travelers

Have you heard of the children's books series called Flat Stanley? It's about a boy who is as flat as paper and he travels all over. Well, there is a whole "race of people" called Flat Travelers. hehe!! We have decided to make some friends with the flat travelers. What you do is you make your own flat traveler or paper doll. Then you send him/her and a journal to someone else who lives in a different region and they journal/scrapbook their adventures with the flat traveler they are hosting in their home. Here are some links for your own flat travelers. If you want a Stanley then try this link.
The "Original Flat Stanley Project" has some free templates here:
Then, we used this site for making paper dolls:

Collin originally wanted Cyclops from X-men to be his flat traveler but I couldn't find a good picture to work for it. He ended up with an astronaut and Ronni picked out a girl from Africa. The paper doll site was neat b/c we could print out the body (in underwear), the hair and the clothing separately so we could personalize them for my kids. It was pretty fun. I have seen pictures where people laminate pictures of themselves or they just draw their own random pictures. Here are our flat travelers (the kids did all the gluing themselves and SOME of the cutting):
Right now they are drying. Now we need to laminate them, buy a couple of journals and then mail them out. So excited!! We are hoping to get to host some flat travelers soon too!! YAY!!

For more information check out these sites:
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