Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's pretty self explanatory... =D Above are the kids in their costumes... astronaut and a flightless fairy (I never got a chance to make her wings). Below is me... I'm a... uh..... I'm not sure. I am whatever I could throw together. ;)

WOW!!! I think we have enough candy to last a while. Collin already has a mouthful, we ate candy while trick or treating and this doesn't include the candy we got yesterday at a party. ;) I think their rewards box will be stocked for a while. ;) I pulled out a handful of the candy that they get to eat but the rest they have to earn. Collin earns stars and Ronni earns flowers. Collin is already talking about how he can't eat too much candy b/c it's bad for his body. LOL! He's been really good at not pigging out. Ronni.... that's a different story. She has quite the sweet tooth. =D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a FACE!!!!

That stuff on her face is ketchup!! haha!

The Big Mo

We went to The Big Mo (a drive in movie) last week. It was so much fun. Last time we went Collin was still nursing and Ronni wasn't even with us. This time we went to see Where the Wild Things Are and My Sister's Keeper. It was tons of fun! We had a picnic in the back of the van, the kids played some on the playground and Collin went on the kiddie ferris wheel. Tons of fun!! The above picture is a shot of the kids in their warmest jammies, ready to go. ;)
This is Ronni -- totally out. She was wrapped up in the blanket, just a bit of her forehead peaking out. haha! She made it for about ten minutes after the movie started before she was asleep.
This was out seat in the back of the van. Collin was already asleep. This was intermission and Paul and I were trading places. I had already made it through the incredibly long line to the bathroom and Paul was trying to convince himself to get up.
Once everything was over we put Collin in his booster seat and he asked for a pillow and another pillow and then another pillow until he was like this. haha!! I just thought it was so cute!!!

Here is Ronni and her friend Cate. (Sorry Candace -- Ronni's a bad example. ;) One of Ronni's favorite places to be is at the window. Her bed is right in front of a window and she sits there very often just staring out the window. In the living room she stands on the back of the couch and watches out the window. She showed Cate how to do it, too. They stood there together, watching everything out the window. hehe!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on us....

So... it's been a while since I've posted updates on everyone so here is an update...

Paul - He's still in school full time and working full time and is also the executive secretary at work. Needless to say, the poor guy stays pretty busy.

Me - I am still in school full time, working part time and I'm still the primary president as well. I keep the kids during the day and work at night after they're in bed and Paul is home. I am homeschooling Collin 3 yo preschool. Ryanne participates with a lot of the stuff too. It's lots of fun.

Collin - He loves to learn! He asks questions all the time and wants real answers so we're often doing experiments. He can explain how radio waves get into the radio, how lightning makes thunder, why the sky is blue, and the evaporation cycle. We normally do experiments to explain things. Like for why it rains, I boiled water with a pie pan above it with ice in it so Collin could see the "cloud" (pie pan) create rain from the steam. It was fun and he was very excited about the rain. He loves playing computer games and learning about space. He is very excited about this Halloween b/c he's going to be an astronaut.

Ronni - She loves to talk and tends to talk all the time. haha! She gives a play by play of everything that we do throughout the day. It's pretty funny. She is a little daredevil and loves to climb and jump off of things. A little scary for "mommy" but she's always laughing about it. Everytime she's about to do something she yells "Vatch, Mommy! Vatch!! She pronounces her "w"s as "v"s. She says "vet" instead of "wet" too. It's kind of funny. She's loves to give hugs and play with my hair.