Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Big Mo

We went to The Big Mo (a drive in movie) last week. It was so much fun. Last time we went Collin was still nursing and Ronni wasn't even with us. This time we went to see Where the Wild Things Are and My Sister's Keeper. It was tons of fun! We had a picnic in the back of the van, the kids played some on the playground and Collin went on the kiddie ferris wheel. Tons of fun!! The above picture is a shot of the kids in their warmest jammies, ready to go. ;)
This is Ronni -- totally out. She was wrapped up in the blanket, just a bit of her forehead peaking out. haha! She made it for about ten minutes after the movie started before she was asleep.
This was out seat in the back of the van. Collin was already asleep. This was intermission and Paul and I were trading places. I had already made it through the incredibly long line to the bathroom and Paul was trying to convince himself to get up.
Once everything was over we put Collin in his booster seat and he asked for a pillow and another pillow and then another pillow until he was like this. haha!! I just thought it was so cute!!!
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