Friday, June 28, 2013

TKD Pics

Ryanne had dance pics done (we haven't gotten them back yet) so we had TKD pics done of Collin. He is wearing his sandals b/c the grass was wet and he hated the feeling but they still turned out really cute. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week of 6/17

So, this summer we have several fun activities we are participating in. Here are some of the things we did this week.

Monday, along with the normal therapies and all we have going on in the morning, we also went to see The Spoonman...
We saw him last year. He plays the spoons professionally and is very funny. It was the exact same gig from the previous year but the kids still found it super fun! :)

Tuesday, we went to the dollar movie and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
Collin hates the type of humor that embarrasses someone so this was a hard movie for him but Ryanne is a HUGE fan of the movies and books so we had to see it for her and Collin gave in. Of course, through a lot of the scenes he had his head buried in my lap and ears covered because he knew they were about to do something  stupid and he just couldn't watch.
The afternoon was spent doing TaeKwonDo, Dance, and Paul went to Mutual.

Wednesday started with swim lessons and then that afternoon at the library they did worm races. They started with worm facts game and reading stories about worms. Then, all the children got their own worms and "raced" them. They had rings drawn on paper on the tables with a circle in the middle of the rings. The worms were placed on the rings and had to crawl to the circle. It was really pretty boring. The worms didn't want to move. However, we got to bring the worms home. I let the kids keep them in the house 1 night and then the next day they set them free in the yard.
Thursday and Friday were pretty easy with only the last few sessions of swimming lessons and taekwondo. Yay! Collin can now swim across the deep end -- back stroke, the dolphin and front crawl. Ryanne can now jump in the deep end and swim to the steps. She can also swim around the deep end next to the wall so she can grab the wall if necessary. She cannot quiet make it across the deep end like her brother. The amazing thing about Ryanne is that she started off the lessons afraid of the water and by the end of her 8 lessons she was fearless! :)

Saturday has been pretty fun too! We started the day with the Build and Grow workshop at Lowe's. Yay! However, there were TONS of people there. It was quite crazy. Maybe it's because it's summer? I am not sure what was going on. After that, Collin and I went to his friend's birthday party while Ryanne and Paul went grocery shopping. :)

These are their Monsters Inc Chests they built. Pretty awesome!

Scott is Collin's friend from the homeschool group. They played at the playground, had a  water balloon fight, a water gun fight, pizza, and cake! Woot!
Such a fun week. Am I ready for another week? Whoo! Not sure. We'll see. ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


 This is my overall outfit of the day (OOTD).
 Okay, first off, pre-DYT, I never would have worn a flower in my hair. HA!! The idea just makes me laugh. However, I LOVE wearing flowers now. They are so fun! This flower came from Hobby Lobby for $2. I want to make my own -- a bunch of them -- but I haven't yet.
 The pink shirt is New York & Company which sells for about $27. I bought it from Goodwill for $3.50. The purple shirt is a Land's End T-shirt with a little pocket on the chest. Most of the t-shirts at Land's End sell for $20-30 and I bought it from Goodwill for $3.50. Yay!!
I haven't gotten very many patterns because I have a hard time figuring out if they are my type or not but this one just sang type 2! :) So.... the brand is NEXT and it is actually a UK brand. The sizing was weird which made me wonder and then I had to look it up. Most of their skirts cost 26-36 pounds. This is apparently $40-55. I bought it for $3.50 from Goodwill too. YAY for Goodwill. This outfit cost a total of $10.50 plus the accessories. :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Collin on the deep-end of the pool with his "lesson-mate". There are two in his lessons.
 Well, after being fussed at by the pediatrician for not having children who knew how to swim, I decided this summer they were learning. So, they are taking lessons!! YAY!! They are loving it!!
There is one other boy in Ryanne's lesson too. :) I love that they are small groups.

Duck Pond

 Monday mornings Collin has speech and occupational therapies. Ryanne and I sit in the waiting room for 1 hr and 15 minutes waiting for him. We aren't allowed to leave so.... if they both obey then we get to go to the duck pond. This day, the pone was overflowing on one side of it.
The ducks are really not afraid of people at all.

Ryanne is quacking at the ducks and flapping her "wings".


Randomly I'll post my Outfit of the Day. :) Yay!! So, here is today's OOTD. :)

 I really need some T2 glasses. Until then... this is it. :)

 The blue shirt is from Goodwill and the necklace is from doTERRA. I love the necklace because I can put the oils in it and it smells so great! :) Metal makes my neck break out in a rash so I use tie ribbon to the ends of the necklace for the part that rests on my neck. I am wearing a ribbed men's undershirt and a skirt my mom bought in a consignment shop in New York.
I have a diagonal french braid and a gray flower at the base of the braid. I love flowers!!! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Big Weekend

Friday started with Collin's last day of school. YAY!!!

Then, I had to have Ryanne at the recital rehearsal which was scheduled for 3:45-8 but we left at 6 because we had somewhere else to be.

Here is Ryanne and a couple of friends from church who go to the same dance academy. Left danced to Hot, Hot, Hot, Ryanne danced to Don't Go Breaking My Heart, and right danced to Rainbow Bright. So fun! :)

That other place we had to be was Collin's taekwondo testing. He is now a green belt!!! :)

This also earned him another Skylander. Yeah, he was excited! :)

Saturday was Ryanne's actual recital. She did about as well as the other little girls in her class. I recorded it on my phone during the rehearsal for family but it's a horrible recording. My phone doesn't do well in the dark. Paul's is better but it's illegal to record the performance. So.... yeah, it's not recorded. Sorry extended families who wanted a recording!

This was before the show. I dropped her off back stage with the chaperones in the O'Connell theater. So many memories in there! It was weird going to this theater for my daughter. haha!

Just before the intermission they gave out awards to the younger kids because many of them were going home during intermission. Earlier in the week I received an email stating Ryanne would receive an award and I couldn't tell her. They didn't inform me what it was for so I was anxious to learn.

She earned the "Most Improved" for the combo group. There were 3 combo classes (5-7 year olds learning tap and ballet) so I was very impressed. Yay Ryanne! All the kids got the metal but that ribbon at her shoulder is the award she earned.

We also promised her a gift afterwards just like Collin got a Skylander. A few months ago there was a large kidsignment sale and I bought this Douglas and Melissa dollhouse. It came with 2 dolls (Ryanne named Lily and James. We told her their baby had to be Harry. haha!) and all the furniture, car, and "playground" equipment. So cool and such a great deal for... wait for it.... $10!! Oh yeah!