Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week of 6/17

So, this summer we have several fun activities we are participating in. Here are some of the things we did this week.

Monday, along with the normal therapies and all we have going on in the morning, we also went to see The Spoonman...
We saw him last year. He plays the spoons professionally and is very funny. It was the exact same gig from the previous year but the kids still found it super fun! :)

Tuesday, we went to the dollar movie and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
Collin hates the type of humor that embarrasses someone so this was a hard movie for him but Ryanne is a HUGE fan of the movies and books so we had to see it for her and Collin gave in. Of course, through a lot of the scenes he had his head buried in my lap and ears covered because he knew they were about to do something  stupid and he just couldn't watch.
The afternoon was spent doing TaeKwonDo, Dance, and Paul went to Mutual.

Wednesday started with swim lessons and then that afternoon at the library they did worm races. They started with worm facts game and reading stories about worms. Then, all the children got their own worms and "raced" them. They had rings drawn on paper on the tables with a circle in the middle of the rings. The worms were placed on the rings and had to crawl to the circle. It was really pretty boring. The worms didn't want to move. However, we got to bring the worms home. I let the kids keep them in the house 1 night and then the next day they set them free in the yard.
Thursday and Friday were pretty easy with only the last few sessions of swimming lessons and taekwondo. Yay! Collin can now swim across the deep end -- back stroke, the dolphin and front crawl. Ryanne can now jump in the deep end and swim to the steps. She can also swim around the deep end next to the wall so she can grab the wall if necessary. She cannot quiet make it across the deep end like her brother. The amazing thing about Ryanne is that she started off the lessons afraid of the water and by the end of her 8 lessons she was fearless! :)

Saturday has been pretty fun too! We started the day with the Build and Grow workshop at Lowe's. Yay! However, there were TONS of people there. It was quite crazy. Maybe it's because it's summer? I am not sure what was going on. After that, Collin and I went to his friend's birthday party while Ryanne and Paul went grocery shopping. :)

These are their Monsters Inc Chests they built. Pretty awesome!

Scott is Collin's friend from the homeschool group. They played at the playground, had a  water balloon fight, a water gun fight, pizza, and cake! Woot!
Such a fun week. Am I ready for another week? Whoo! Not sure. We'll see. ;)
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