Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is a cool site. Its a live view inside an eagles nest complete with three eaglets.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What happens when you get a man in the kitchen??

Paul has decided that I'm getting a mixer... LOL!!!Yes, if you can't tell... that is a power drill attached to a whisk... lol!!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Ronni finding an egg!

Collin finding an egg

Collin kept helping Ronni, probably a little too much. He carried her bucket and would alternate who got which eggs he found.

Finally, I convinced him to let her carry her own basket and pick up her own eggs but as you can see in this picture he stayed close and was right there to help her. What a good big brother. ;) LOL!

The rest of our Easter week....

Okay... I got a little bit behind. Day 3 we talked about the Garden of Gethsemane but we didn't do an activity.
Day 4 we talked about the betrayal of Jesus and played a friendship matching game.
Day 5 (Friday) so of course we talked about the crucifixion and then we watched the movie Easter Dream (the church library had a copy). It left out a lot of the graphics and geared more for primary kids... yay!
Day 6 We made Easter story cookies and talked about the tomb. The cookies are the ones that you seal up in the oven overnight and they are ready the next morning.
Day 7 We talked about the resurrection and made resurrection rolls. When we were making the resurrection rolls today (pictured below) Ronni didn't really want to help. She spent all of her time trying to eat all the marshmallows. LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Week - day 2

Today we talked about Christ washing the apostles feet after the last supper. Picture above and below are parts of our "last supper". Above is unleavened bread and below is meat that I cooked. I soaked it in olive oil and garlic then skewered it and stuck it in the oven. Yummmm....
After we discussed the story I dressed the kids up (below). One of my little apostles (Collin) ate a chocolate cupcake leftover from yesterday's 'edible tombs' so he has chocolate on his chin. LOL!! His sheet was tighter so he looked more like an apostle than a caveman but he didn't like it so tight and asked me to loosen it thus... the caveman look. haha! But Ronni looks really cute!!! =D She even got upset any time the blanket fell from her head. haha!
Here is our feast: unleavened bread, salad, meat, raisins, olives, boiled eggs, and dessert we had some mixed berries. mmm...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter week (FHE)

I figured that we make such a big deal out of Christmas --- Easter should be just as big, if not bigger (at least as far as Christianity goes)! I am following a guide from Sugardoodle (awesome site BTW) for a week of Easter. Tonight we started off talking about GAK 223 The Triumphal Entry. Then we made an LOA (Love One Another) wall. Throughout the week we write nice things about each other. We will read them together on Easter Day. Of course we had to have refreshments afterwards...
So, the kids made tombs. hehe! They're upside down cupcakes and green tinted coconut stuck on the plate w/ chocolate frosting (dirt).
This is after eating the tombs (above and below). They sure look happy though, huh?


Paul here, if you know us you know why this is up, otherwise just laugh.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

He can sleep anywhere...

He was being incredibly whiny so I decided we would all go outside and play so I could get a break. I close the gates, sit in the chair and read outside while the kids run wild. It was going great until Ronni took something from Collin so he pulled her hair and she started screaming and stomping at him (honestly, I would have too). So, we came back inside. Both the kids were throwing a temper tantrum so they both went to time out. Collin's time out was the computer chair and Ronni was in the hallway. Collin curled up in a ball and was pretending to snore. Suddenly the snoring stopped. I looked over and realized he was asleep. LOL! He slept for about an hour in this position. He must have been pretty tired... no wonder he was being mean and cranky.

Food Storage - wheat pancakes

These weren't the best I've ever had but they were pretty good. Collin ate three pancakes so I thought that was a good sign. Paul ate 3 too. hehe! It was a food storage recipe (obviously to go w/ my food storage things I'm doing) so there were no eggs in this recipe and it was made w/ powdered milk. To make it a true foodstorage meal we ate them w/ canned peaches and syrup. I do have syrup in food storage. =D

Food Storage - black bean burgers

I prepared the beans...
Mashed the beans and added seasonings... then I smooshed it into patties and cooked it.
Served it w/ chips and salsa. It was actually pretty good. I need to figure out a way to get it to stick a little better. maybe cook the beans more... I let them soak over night then boiled them for an hour. I thought that would be good but... I dunno. Something will need to be done. I ended up crumbling mine up on top of the chips then putting the salsa on top of that. It was really good! =D

Food Storage -- crockpot oatmeal

Burned?? I think so... yuck!

It was a great idea but the recipe I used cooked it to long. We decided it was not edible and had to trash it but Collin was very upset about it so I cooked it over the stove and it was very yummy that way. Next time I'll just have to cook it less time and hope it works out better. =D