Monday, December 13, 2010

What does this video say about you?

Friday, December 10, 2010

After Wonderland there is a Looking Glass

I was reading an article the other day and it was discussing the view people have of women, how they expect them to look. It is unreal. The images that today's population are given are on magazines and tv. Many of the actresses are coated with so much make up that the general population can't recognize them when they're out in street clothes and no make-up. Magazines are airbrushed to give these women "perfect" bodies. How can our children, specifically, our daughters grow up in a world like this? I have the fortunate ability to just not care what others think of me. I've never cared about being popular or wearing the latest style. I have always had my own style and wore what I thought was "cool". However, not everyone is like that. If they see that outfit on the tv then they HAVE to have it. I am worried of what my daughter might be growing up in.

People help to instill unhealthy views everyday, not on purpose but they do. "I look fat." "I wish my nose was smaller." "I have to wear make-up to be pretty." It is not true. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is beautiful no matter what her body looks like. Her goals should be to be healthy and not to worry so much about her body shape/image. She is beautiful and doesn't need airbrushes or buckets or make-up. She just needs to be herself and enjoy that beautiful woman that she will be someday.
See how beautiful she is? Now, what am I going to do to help her have a fabulous body image as she grows up....
  1. No Barbies, Bratz dolls, or anything that will give an unrealistic view of the female sexuality.
  2. I will not verbalize my own flaws that I perceive when I look in the mirror. 
  3. I will encourage her to strive for a healthy body and not the model type body. I don't think a model body would really be too healthy anyways.
  4. I want to utilize television time for educational shows or family time to watch movies together. I don't want her to just watch random television. Often, the commercials are as bad as the tv show as far as influencing women's "perfect image".
  5. "feminism" will not be a four letter word in this home. She can be anything she wants to be. 
  6. We will emphasize academics and help her strive to do her best.
What will you do to help ensure your daughters have a healthy body image?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New York to get a missionary!! :)

First off, on my drive to New York, it started snowing in Pennsylvania.
And it continued snowing through New York. Here, we stopped at a rest stop and playing in the snow still wearing our flip flops from when we left SC which was nice and warm. ;) Our tennis shoes were packed in the back.
Here is where we stayed, Liberty House. Isn't it cute? It's a bed and breakfast and the owner is a fabulous cook! The first morning we had fresh fruit, chocolate muffins with nutella centers, apple walnut pancakes, sausage and eggs. The second morning we had fresh fruit, apple muffins, omelets and toast with apricot jam. Every morning we had juice, milk, cocoa, and water. Yummy!!
The Joseph Smith home. ;)
Yeah, I think you can tell what this is. We even got snow boots b/c our tennis shoes would have been wet, muddy and cold by the time that we left. When we did leave Collin was crying b/c his hands were so cold. I'm glad we bought the boots so it wasn't his hands and feet.

Here's my gang.... my missionary momma, and kiddos. Aren't they so cute! :)
This is the apple orchard. I always thought it was a neat story. The one about Joseph Smith staying up all night talking to the Angel Moroni and then when he was working his father sent him home. On the way home he collapsed while climbing over the fence and heard the message again. I just thought it was so neat that it was right there! :)

Standing in front of the fields at the Smith farm.
The Palmyra temple. That's the sacred grove behind us.
All the windows have the Sacred Grove in them like this except one. You can actually look out the window and see the real Sacred Grove. Awesome!!
As we were walking through the Sacred Grove Ronni kept saying, "Where is Jesus Christ?" "I can't find Jesus Christ!" She knows the story of Joseph Smith and apparently she thought Jesus Christ would be in the Grove for her too. Well, we got back in the van and still didn't see Him. Well, after the temple we went to the Hill Cumorah. When we pulled up to the visitor's center there was a large window and through the window you could see the Christus (pictured above). Ronni started yelling, "There's Jesus! He's here!!!" Then she and Collin jumped out of the van, ran up the stairs and into this room to see Jesus. ;) I thought it was so cute! :)
On the way there and back we stayed with a friend... Rachael. Thank you for letting us hang at your house!!! :) It was so nice not having to worry about where to stay. THANK YOU!

Thanksgiving in Texas!

Carving the turkey!
Pedicure with Aunt Angela.
Woo-hoo! Birthday presents!!
"Uncle Karl making me pretty." says Ronni.
Our 2010 family picture.

Nana, Aunt Angela, Uncle Karl, Grandma J (great-great grandma), Dad, Me, Papa, Ronni, and Collin.
The kids with their great-great grandma.
Nana and Collin having some fun!