Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Job Chart

A whole new world has opened up to us! We have started using It has been phenomenal. Since April of 2010 we have used the Mommy Money rewards system which has been fabulous for us but I handled the M$ so the kids didn't have much control over it. Well, with My Job Chart the kids thing they have the ultimate control. They each have an account that they can log into themselves. I set it as the homepage and they both know how to get to it that way. They just click on their picture, log in and then click off the chores they've done. I set up how many points they receive for each chore and they gradually earn them throughout the day. Each point is equal to 1 cent. Then, they can choose to donate the money to some organization (this is the share option), they can save it and I put it in their savings account or they can spend it. In the spend section are toys they picked out from Amazon, going out for ice cream, picnics, hikes, tv time, computer time, mom and dad dates...etc. You get the idea. Anyways.... they love it! They think they are in control when really, I am. :) hehe! It's awesome! I love that they can log in themselves too and it notifies me when they have completed all their chores or when they what to spend their points so that I can give them whatever it is that they bought. It handles it all. LOVE IT!! :) Just wanted to share this amazing thing that I have discovered. =o)