Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Several new things have happened. First, my work schedule has completely changed. My boss is fabulous and she found out that I was trying to get up before work and do school and stay up after kids were in bed to do school. We have now changed my work schedule to 11pm-1am. It's kind of nice but I do miss my regular morning drop offs and their owners.... =(

Also, the other thing that I'm super excited about... I passed my second class. Only 4 classes left for this semester!!!! Hooray!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wedding pics...

Collin in his ring bearer tux. He did have a jacket but he wasn't wearing it here. We only had him put it on for the ring ceremony b/c it was sooooo hot!

Here's part of the gang. Here's Collin, Maya, Ronni, and Olivia. Olivia and Maya are Collin and Ronni's "adopted" cousins.

Mom and son dance.... awwww...... ;)

Father - daughter dance.

Collin, with the other bachelors, trying to catch the garter (sp?).

Collin was a dancing machine. I don't think he ever stopped. He even walked over to get some cake and punch and I watched him wagging his shoulders the whole way over there. Poor kid has no rhythm but he didn't let that stop him! =D

Ronni was a big hit. This is her dancing with her buddy, Cassidy. They made friends quickly -- he was the best man.

Groom and flower girl.

In case anyone is wondering.... wedding days are long for the bride and groom but even longer for the ring bearer. Especially when he has to go to the temple as well. He was at the temple, the ring ceremony and the reception. We had to drive 3 hours from the temple to the ring ceremony too so he was a little exhausted by the time we were heading for Nana and Papa's house afterwards. This is how he fell asleep. Yes, he was wearing his seat belt but he moved the shoulder belt to his armpit and was out. haha!

These are obviously not the professional ones... hopefully we'll get some copies of those b/c I didn't have a lot of time to snap any photos. I was guiding a couple of kids to do what they needed to but they sure were cute!! The wedding was beautiful and lots and lots of fun. My brother in law and new sister in law were married in the Memphis Temple and had a ring ceremony and reception after. These are mostly pics from when we were getting ready for the ring ceremony/reception and during the reception.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

School and adoption....

Just wanted to update..... We finally have an adoption finalization date!! Whoop!! Whoop! YAY!!!!

Another update --- I'm in school! My classes for this semester are Education Without Boundaries, Language and Communication: Essay, Language and Communication: Research, Language and Communication: Presentation, Health and Fitness, and History.

Final update: I am the primary president now. For those of you who don't know the primary is what we call the children ages 18 mos - 11 years. This means I'm over all the teachers, kids, Sunday activities and Wednesday activities. It's fun though! I love the kids!!! =D