Women of the Scriptures

President Wilford Woodruff observed that those women “who are called to take part in the great latter-day work” should be “women of faith, valiant for the truth, … women of integrity to God” who do “not permit houses and land, gold and silver, nor any of this world’s goods to draw [them] aside from pursuing the great object which God has sent [them] to perform” (Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, compiled by G. Homer Durham [1946], 130).

Old Testament:
The Abrahamic Covenant
House of Israel Picture Book
Exodus 11-19
Joseph's Life Typifies Christ's
Exodus 20 - The 10 Commandments
Exodus 21-40 (Nazarites)

Women in the Old Testament:
Our Glorious Mother Eve
Behind Every Good Man is a Good Woman (Noah's Wife)
Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord? (Sarah)
I Will Go (Rebekah)
Shiphrah and Puah
Leah and Rachel
Daughters of Zelophehad
Daughter of Jephthah

Great Talks and Scriptures
Why Would A Woman Need to Read the Scriptures?
For I Know Him
Why Do We Have Trials?

Random Things I Learn:
Scripture Study Journal
A Glimpse Into My Scripture Journals
Scripture Study Styles
An Aha Moment
Real Hero Posters --- They Have My Hero!
Joseph Typifies Christ
Youtube Videos and Scripture Study
Fast and Testimony Meeting