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Leah and Rachel

With Her Father's Sheep (Rachel) by Elspeth Young

Blessed (Leah) by Elspeth Young

Scriptures to look up:
  • Genesis 29-35; 46; 49:31
  • Ruth 4:11
  • 1 Samuel 10:2
  • Jeremiah 31:15
  • Matthew 2:18
  • Doctrine & Covenants 132:37
  • Bible Dictionary pg 723, 759
These are the
That sounds like a huge responsibility. Several times in the scriptures it states that Rachel weeps for her children. How horrible to see so many choose wrong. Of the millions of descendents she watches over, I am sure that many of them cause her to weep. Hopefully I am not one of them.

  • Esau and Jacob are born to Isaac (60) and Rebekah
  • Abraham dies (175); Esau and Jacob are about 15
  • Esau (40) marries out of covenant
  • Jacob receives the birthright blessing
  • Jacob goes to Padan-aran to find a wife
  • Jacob marries Leah and Rachel
  • Leah gives birth to Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah
  • Jacob marries Bilhah
  • Bilhah gives birth to Dan and Naphtali
  • Jacob marries Zilpah
  • Zilpah gives birth to Gad and Asher
  • Leah gives birth to Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah
  • Rachel gives birth to Joseph
  • Jacob departs Haran w/ 4 wives, 11 sons, and 1 daughter
  • Rachel dies after giving birth to Benjamin
  • Jacob and Esau are reconciled; Jacob's clan settle in Hebron
  • Joseph (17) sold to Egypt
  • Joseph (30) is made a ruler in Egypt and marries Asenath
  • Isaac dies (180); Esau and Jacob (120) bury him
  • Joseph and his brothers are reconciled
  • Jacob's family moves to Egypt
  • Jacob dies (147)

This is kind of random but I found it interesting. In Genesis 30: 14-16 Leah and Rachel argue over some mandrake root. At first, I just thought it was because they were rival sisters and just really didn't like each other. While that may be partly true, it's also because mandrakes were believed to contain fertility inducing powers.

My Thoughts:
Honestly, I had a hard time with these two. You know that saying, "Do what I say, not what I do?" I wonder if that was Leah and Rachel's philosophy. Those two seemed to be constantly fighting. I really do hope that perhaps the scriptures just showed us the negative side and that their home life was a lot more harmonious than it appears, especially since these are the parents of Israel so... I'm sure it was. We just don't get to read about it in the scriptures.... maybe?
What is unique about Rebekah and her story?
How does she fit into the time period she lives in?
What Christ-like qualities does she exemplify?
What would I ask her if I met her?
How can I relate to her?
What can I learn from her?

I didn't answer all of these questions about these two b/c I just couldn't think of answers. But, here are the ones I did answer. :)

Why are these two women unique? Jacob was fooled into marrying Leah when he really wanted to marry Rachel. Also, there was a lot of unrighteousness involving Laban. He seems like a very deceitful man in other parts of the story as well. Plenty of sibling rivalry between Rachel and Leah that unfortunately, spread to their sons.

What Christlike qualities do they exemplify? Determination ---- both of them. Leah is determined to get Jacob to favor her by the number of children she and her maid bear for him. Rachel displays determination by her constant prayer to the Lord for children.

What would I ask them if I met them? What are some good things that happened in you lives while being married to a prophet of God? The biblical account is just so depressing.

What can I learn from their experience? Be truly humble and God will listen. Don't be prideful and compete/compare yourself with others.
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