Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We had the awesome opportunity to meet my mom, sister and my nieces and nephew at the zoo. And, to make things even cooler, my mom has a membership so we all got little wristbands which gave us access to everything -- carousel, ponyrides, train rides, feed.... awesome-ness! My kiddos never get to do those things b/c the zoo costs a fortune to go anyways so I don't want to spend any extra money on those For our little family it's almost $40 just to get in. So, yeah, $5 for pony rides, $2 for train or carousel rides...etc. It just adds up and is too much for me to spend, even on my awesome children. ;) I'm not sure how my sister feels about me posting her children's names online so I will just use their first initial. J (7), M (6), K(4), S (2 and only boy), and then there is a bump on my sis's tummy for #5. :) So, enjoy the pics of my family at the zoo!! :)
Ryanne and Collin

Collin and M

K, my mom, S and J
S feeding a Lorakeet

My sis watching us all feeding lorakeets but she was too nervous to go in where the birds were free to land or poop on us. LOL! See the bump... yeap, that's my future niece or nephew. Not sure which one yet!
M feeding a lorakeet

Collin feeding a lorakeet
M riding a pony

Collin riding a pony

K riding a pony
Ryanne on a pony

J on a pony

and S on a pony
Feeding the goats




All the kids on a fake elephant. From front to back we have Ryanne, Collin, M, S, J, and little K is falling off the back. :)
Here they all are again. We were waiting outside the Gorilla building. L to R is... S, K, M, Collin, Ryanne, and J.

Gorilla foot with a couple of cute hands.
The girls had their faces painted and the boys each got a truck from the gift shop

Wasn't that fun? Afterwards we had a picnic by the river, went to Nephi's Books (bookstore) then we all headed back to our homes. :)
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