Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Train Museum

I feel like I've been so busy lately. Last week we went to the Zoo, this weekend we went to the drive in, and today we went to the train museum.

Collin and his friend (he loves this kid!)

The group.... the museum opened special for us. YAY!! It was only our group and one lady who worked there.

Ryanne and another little girl. Would you believe that they are only a year apart in age?

You can't see that all the kids are looking at a diorama, but they are. There were several that went all the way around the room, showing what the towns used to look like. It goes from Charleston to the GA border and a train travels from one diorama to the next. The kids loved following the train as it traveled around and around and around the room.

Afterwards, the kids and I went out and checked out the model trains outside.

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