Tuesday, April 24, 2012

challenge on anther site

So, I was challenged to go through my house and take pictures of what is was like right at that moment. So... I did and here they are. Here is my kitchen --- not too bad. We still haven't put in a new floor though. "/ We moved the rug from the living room in there so we didn't have to stand on that floor all the time though. LOL! We need to install the new floor and new counter-tops and then we will be finished with the kitchen remodels. YAY!! :)
This was the living room.... eek! Okay, not at it's best moment. There is a robot box in the corner and toys everywhere --- even on the mantel. ;) Collin was doing something on the computer and Ryanne was sitting on he bean bag watching Caillou.
School/Dining/Piano room. We had just finished school so there was still stuff all over the table. It hadn't yet made the transition from school room to dining room.Scary!! It looks better once we make the transition, I promise! :)
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