Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A glimpse into my scripture journals! :)

This is inside my TOPICS journal. This is the one on Repentance. On the left side I have scriptures and quotes that go with it. The papers in the middle are two talks that I really liked on the topic. I printed them out as pamphlets so that one talk fits on one piece of paper front and back and then I folded them in half and taped them to the middle. I love this trick b/c then I can organize all the incredible talks that I read. The right side of the notebook are my thoughts on the subject. It was really cool how things just came to me as I was reading and thinking of things. I was proud of me for listening to the spirit and writing intelligent things. 
 A few of my thoughts that I will share that ended up in the notebook. ;)
  • The change must happen before Christ's Atonement will help us. We must do our part of the work before mercy will help us complete it. As stated in Helaman 5:10, Christ will save us from our sins but not in our sins.
  • When change has truly taken place, we will no longer have a desire to continue in that sin, but shall feel true joy.
I have no artistic capabilities but this was my drawing on the similitudes of Abraham Sacrificing Isaac and the crucifixion/Atonement of Christ. I put drawings and graphs and things to give it some variety. ;)

I can't remember who this is... I think that says Hagar up there. I drew a family tree on this one too. There are scriptures, my thoughts, quotes...etc. You get the idea.
So, there you have it.... a glimpse into each of my three scripture journals... my regular scripture journal, women in the scriptures journal and my topic scripture journal. I tend to get distracted on things and study them a little more so I decided to add a topics journal about two days ago. It has really helped me to focus all that learning some place. LOL! :)
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