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Scriptures to study:
1 Samuel 1:1-2:21
LDS Bible Dictionary pg 698

Hannah is such a amazing example of faith! Pres Kimball said, "Someday when the whole story of this and previous dispensations is told, it will be filled with courageous stories of our women, of their wisdom and their devotion, their courage, for one senses that perhaps just as women were the first at the sepulcher of the Lord Jesus Christ after his resurrection, our righteous women have so often been instinctively sensitive to things of eternal consequence." Ensign May 1978

Like many women of the Old Testament, Hannah could not have children. She had a very kind husband (demonstrated in 1 Sam 1:8) and was a very righteous woman.

One night, she vowed to the Lord (1 Sam 1:11) that if she has a child she'll rear him as a Nazarite (to learn more about Nazarites read Numbers 6) and 'give him unto the Lord'.

She bears a son (1 Sam 1:20) and names him Samuel which means "heard of God". In 1 Sam 1:24-28 she gives an offering to the Lord, thanking Him and reminding Him of her vow.

My favorite part is 1 Sam 2:1-11. This is Hannah's Psalm of Praise and is a wonderful example of joy and wisdom. It's an inspired perspective through life's trials and one of those things we can all learn from. We all go through trials and if we have the same attitude and gratitude as Hannah then life would be so much happier. Verse 11 is also a prophecy, earning Hannah the title of "prophetess" to many scripture scholars.

Hannah is blessed with three sons and two daughters according to 1 Sam 2:21. To learn why, read Mosiah 2:24-28.

I am so grateful she received more wonderful blessings -- her children! Samuel was not a selfish request so she was definitely urged to make that plea/vow by something other than a desire to be like the other women. I hope to find the blessings and joys in my trials and have the faith to endure them as Hannah did.

Here's a brief timeline of Hanna and Samuel's life:

  • 1200-1020 BC        Judges provide leadership to Israel
  • 1075 BC                 Hannah gives birth to Samuel
  • 1020 BC                 Samuel anoints Saul as the first king of Israel (1 Sam 13:1)
  • 1005 BC                 Samuel anoints David as the second king of Israel (2 Sam 5:5). The site for the temple is identified. Samuel dies.
  • 956 BC                   Nathan anoints Solomon the third king of Israel. (1 Kings 11:42)      

Questions to ask yourself about Hanna (feel free to answer below or link me to your post). :)
  1. What is unique about this woman and her story?
  2. How does she fit into the time period in which she lived?
  3. What Christlike qualities does she exemplify?
  4. What would I ask er if I met her?
  5. How can I relate to her?
  6. What can I (or others) learn from her experiences?
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