Thursday, July 4, 2013


I'll just post some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks. :)

 I love wearing this top combination! It's seriously one of my favorites. The t-shirt is from Land's End but I got it from Goodwill and the vest is one I made from men's v-neck white undershirt. :) Love it!!! The skirt, I bought used from an online friend. I LOVE these skirts. I bought another one, gray, from walmart. They are so comfortable!!!
 This is another outfit with that same skirt. It's a high-low skirt and soft, drapey cotton. It's like soft t-shirt material, not the stiff t-shirt but the soft ones. LOVE IT!!! I love this scarf too. It's new as well... well, kind of new. Goodwill again for $1.50. Oh yeah!!! I love sticking flowers in my hair too. So fun! :)
 I think I have finally figured out my eggshell white. :) I also adore this skirt!!! It's actually made by NEXT and is a UK company. It's also a Goodwill find. In the picture it looks gray and white but it's actually lavendar. Again, scarf with flower pin. LOVE!!! :)
Finally, I wanted to show off these earrings. I think they are really cool. It's just a piece of wire bent into twisties but so fun! :)
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