Friday, July 26, 2013

Our weekly adventures! :)

 This dress was a hand me down from a friend. Isn't it beautiful? She has worn it to church the past two Sundays. Yes, I know it's a bit fancy for church but she loves it and it's certainly NOT a play in the yard type of dress so I figured if she's going to get any use out of this beautiful princess dress then she may as well wear it to church. She loves to spin in circles in it. Love it! :)
My little girl gets emotionally attached to objects. I think it's part of her secondary 2 energy (Carol Tuttle's energy profiling). I put a shirt into her giveaway pile that was too small for her. She never wore it but she burst into tears and started naming all the things she had done in that shirt. So, this gave me an idea. She needs some way to store all these memories and save small items so she'll always have them. But, she lies to have fun, everything has to be fun so we needed a fun way to do it. So, she and I went to Hobby Lobby one morning and bought her a small 8x8 scrapbook. It has become our Sunday afternoon activity. She LOVES it! This is her first page. We decided it should be about her since it's her book. I think she did a great job. She did all the cutting, placing, and sticking on her own. I just stayed near by in case she needed me and showed her all the options in my supplies and how they worked or what the text said. So much fun for her! I hope it will help so she doesn't become a hoarder one day. LOL! ;)

Occupational therapy was fun. He was working on core and upper body muscles. He did push ups and things like that. This is a photo of a game he played where he had to use his core muscles to reach to the blue table and grab a clothes pin then reach to the green table and placing it on the coordinating color while saying the letter the color started with. 

We went on a family outing to Books A Million. Collin got so excited when he saw a plush Creeper right at the front of the store. Creepers are from Minecraft which is a game Collin LOVES. :) He carried the Creeper to the sales associate and asked how much. He scanned it, told Collin the price and handed it back. There was so much disappointment flooding Collin's face that it just broke me heart. He said it's $39.99 for a food tall plush Creeper. Collin said he was thinking it would be around $20 but it was double! He was so sad. So, we came home and folded these out of paper. The kids colored them. The one on the left is Princess Bubblegum (Ryanne's) and the one on the right is a creeper (Collin's). Paul and I did the cutting and the folding and decided we are never making things like this again. Oh! They are difficult!

My sister let me babysit her kids while she took her youngest to a well-baby check up. I was so excited. We had breakfast, played, made a volcano erupt (Collin's clay volcano with baking soda and vinegar) then we went on a mile long walk. By the time we got back my sister was back! 

Then we all went to the library and the kids turned in their summer reading sheets to the library. They had to read 10 books and the kids got a certificate and a hand puppet! :)

Later, we went to the library for a free performance of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In this scene we have the shepherd, an audience member who is being posed for a painting done by Van Goat Gruff. LOL! I thought that was funny! :)
Paul leaves for scout camp in the morning and depending on if I want to attempt a Lowe's Build and Grow by myself with the kids, we may go tomorrow. :) We'll see. This was our week of adventure. YAY!! Now, we'll see what next week brings.
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