Monday, July 1, 2013

Self Motivation for Kids

Collin is making huge strides in both occupational and speech therapy. Today he wrote letters in shaving cream to work on his fine motor skills and his texture aversion.

He had to fill in blanks to sentences. The sentences were, "My favorite day of the week is Monday because I get to play games [at occupational therapy]. When I leave I feel sad because I have so much fun." haha!

So, back to his improvement. The thing they are worried about is that he does really, really well when someone is there to encourage and motivate him the entire time. So, they gave us an activity to do at home to help with self motivation and encouragement. I thought it was a great idea so both the kids are doing it. :) They gave us a handout with the story of a little boy, Sam, who had ADHD. His special ed teacher had all the kids make "Goal Setting Books". Sam had a hard time making friends so his goal was to make a friend. Then he had to write a plan and his was "Go up and say 'hi', invite them to play, not call any names, bot burn in their face, not call their mom names, not stand too close, let them have all the turns." In four weeks he had made seven good friends. Then he wrote up how he made his friends and how it felt accomplishing his goals.

So, for family home evening tonight we made up our own goal sheets.

Collin and Ryanne both made their own so each Monday we'll review it and make a new goal if the old one is completed. :) YAY!!! I am excited about this. The occupational therapists say this should help him to be able to motivate himself and find the encouragement on his own. I hope this helps! He is doing so awesome!! :)

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