Friday, May 18, 2012

Real Hero Posters -- they have my hero!!

Everyone loves the Real Hero Posters, right? Each of my kids have one. My son has Captain Moroni.
 My daughter has the Daughters in the Wilderness one (they truly were amazing!). :)
But, my hero hasn't been there. At least, I never noticed her. But, I found her!! She's there!! The poster has no reviews so I don't know if that means it's a new one or if it just means they've never had it in the store when I go but here it is!!

It's Rebekah at the Well. Don't you just want to hang it up in your living room so you can look at her everyday as a reminder? I do! Maybe when we move we'll hang them all up in the family room. Perhaps we can eventually get them all. Wouldn't that be awesome to have all these scripture heroes hanging around the family room? Yeap! Pretty much! I just wanted to share b/c I was sooo excited!!!

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