Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waterpark!! :)

For the end of the school year Collin's school had a party at a water park in Charleston!! Woot Woot!!! Here are some pics. ;)

There was a water playground, a pool, a lazy river, and two huge water slides. Ryanne was too small for the large water slides and Collin could only go down them if we used a double tube and I went down with him. Darn! I guess I was forced to go down. LOL! Actually, I was excited and we went down again. My mom also wanted a turn so she went down with him as well. It was awesome! Luckily, there were smaller slides at the playground area that Ryanne and Collin could both go down on their own (they're pictured above). We also loved the lazy river. There was one part on the river where it forked into two sections -- one had a fake waterfall, sprayers, and rapids. The other was just boring so we always took the fun fork. :) We went around that one 3 times. Collin was pretty good at lying back and enjoying it... Ryanne kept moving on our double tube but it was still fun -- even with a squirmy partner. Oh! And.... did I mention that this was all FREE for us... the school paid for it. The park even supplied life jackets for all the kids. Ryanne wore one the whole time. She's a little nervous around water. It was so much fun and my first time at a waterpark!! YAY!!
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