Friday, May 11, 2012

I can wait!

The other day I went in for an interview and the interviewer noticed my husband and two kids tagging along behind me. When I went in and sat down he said, "So, tell me about your crew."
My immediate response was, "Energetic! I cannot wait until they are teenagers and I have more energy than them."

Why did I say that? Well, I was actually trying to make a joke but when it came out it just wasn't very funny. The interviewer gave me a strange look and then proceeded with the interview. Later, I was thinking about the question and my answer. I wish I could reverse time and answer completely differently but since I don't own a TARDIS I'm afraid that I must stay in the present and answer differently next time someone asks me a similar question. Just for my own benefit, let me tell you why I can wait.

I can wait because I don't want to miss all of my love notes from my son.
I can wait because I want to witness all the mud baths and messes my daughter gets into.
I can wait because I don't want to miss witnessing the love they have for their daddy when he leaves on a business trip.
I can wait because I love that my son loves going on dates with his mom and I know one day that may not be the case.
I can wait because I love watching my kids dancing freely in public and not caring what others think of their dancing skills, or lack of.

I can wait because I love watching my kids pretending to be super heroes - The Dino Prince and Super Ladybug!
I can wait because I love watching all their whacky moments.
I can wait because I love my children so much and every stage of their life is important. The most important moment for us is the one right now.

What are the reasons that you can wait?


Traci said...

Very sweet. Thank you for the reminder to live in today's moment.

H2 said...

Amen sister! I am with you!