Sunday, July 15, 2012


Deuteronomy could be referred to as "everyman's Torah". Deuteronomy actually means "repition of the law", but is written for everyone. This also contains the three sermons by Moses before he dies/translated.

1:8,10 The Lord gives the Israelites the land promised to them and points out they have multiplied as the stars in the heaven. The Abrahamic covenant is fulfilled. The Lord keeps his promises!

1:30  I love this scripture! ".. He shall fight for you..." In other words, the Lord shall be their battle master. Will He for you?

1:39  This one states that it's the next generation that gets the land. The generation that lived in Egypt have all died or gotten very old. This land is for their children.

4:26  I think it is always better to be obedient to the Lord after reading this scripture. Cross reference with 1 Ne 17:34-35 for extra reassurance to OBEY THE LORD!!

4:33 I just think it is soooo amazing that the children of Israel were able to actually hear the Lord's voice. What an amazing testimony builder!

6:4-9  Some religions recite these scriptures a couple times a day in prayer. They have some interesting things in them. Like, the first and greatest commandment to "love the Lord thy God with all thine heart..." vs 7 makes me think of family home evening. How important these things are to remember.

10:12-13  The Lord requries a few things from the Israelites for their own good.
  1. Revere the Lord
  2. Walk in the ways of God
  3. Love God
  4. Serve the Lord with all your heart
  5. Keep the commandments of the Lord
15   This chapter has the Lord's Welfare system. I think our government could take some advice from this chapter. ;)

17:18-20  These verses teach us that leaders, not only church but government officials as well, should study the scriptures daily. What kind of world would this be if they did? I think it would be amazing!

18:15  Prophecy of Christ!! This scripture is quoted twice in Acts, 1 Nephi, 3 Nephi, and Joseph Smith - History. If it's repeated that many times then maybe we should listen?

19:15 This is the Divine Law of Witnesses

21:18-23  They were very strict to rebellious children. If my own kids read this -- be grateful for me and the punishments you get! They could be a lot worse. ;)

28:1-6, 15  These verses are pretty much the capstone of the third sermon by Moses.

34:5-6  Moses is translated.
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