Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Christmas Gift Wish

Yes, I'm blogging about what I want for Christmas. =o)

Have you heard about the Little Free Libraries? Well, that's what I want. How cool would it be to have one in my yard? People could get books and leave books and I'd always have new options to read and others would too. It would benefit everyone! I really can't think of a negative about it.... except the price of the box to keep them in. However, I have a husband who got a table saw for Father's Day and has been wanting a project. So, here it is.... :)

Isn't it cute? If you buy them pre-built then they are $250-500. Some were even pushing $1,000. Ack!! So, I'd rather us just make one. Wouldn't this be so cool to have in my yard? I think it'd be awesome!!!
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