Wednesday, July 18, 2012

School Supplies are in! YAY!!

A couple of boxes arrived today!! Like they say for virtual schoolers, it was Christmas in July. :) Here are our new supplies.... again, remember... FREE!  That's why I love K12!!!

This is the PhonicsWorks box kit. All of this fits in the little box pictured. There are dry erase/magnetic boards, markers, erasers, readers, sight word flash cards, mini dry erase boards, magnetic tile letters (basic and advanced) and a notebook.
 The mini dry erase boards are awesome to keep in your purse! If you're waiting somewhere (lines, waiting rooms...etc) you can pull them out and practice words or math problems or whatever on them. They are handy.
This is some phonics but mostly language arts. "My Accomplishments" chart and stickers, handwriting paper, desk stickers, PhonicsWorks lesson guides 1&2, Spelling book, Assessment book, Activity book, Ready...Set... Read!, handwriting book, Primary Analogies, Classics for Young Readers, Read Alouds (2 sets), Language Arts Student Pages (worksheets), and then a whole bunch of books we'll read and study throughout the year! Don't you just get excited looking at that? Guess which subject is my favorite. ;) However, not Collin's.

SCIENCE!!! This is Collin's favorite. We have a scale, student pages, and books. The bag contains little gram weights, feathers, seeds, beans, a styrofoam ball and other little things we'll need throughout the year.

Music!!! We got another slide whistle. Ryanne is excited b/c now they'll each get one for music time.

History... I'm actually really excited about this class. Those CDs are Old Testament stories and Greek Mythology. Then we have books about mummies and the Trojan Horse. Yes, this will be a fun year!! The balloon thing is a blow up globe, just in case you couldn't tell. ;)

Art..... The art kit in the back also has paint. I didn't open it b/c we still have leftovers from last year we will continue using this year. We have a couple of new books this year but the same type from last year and some new prints.

One friend wanted me to post how I organize it. We don't have a school room so I have a bookshelf in the dining room. See, squashed between the table and the pantry. I even have jars of fruit down in the bottom. LOL! Okay.... the plastic things to the right are full of random craft things. Sometimes the school asks you to supply cotton balls or glitter or things like that. This is where that stuff is located.

Before I start explaining what's on the shelves, let me just say that I do something similar to the workbox method. Basically, each subject is assigned a box and I put everything needed for the daily assignments in that box at the beginning of the day or the night before. I found this box at Target last year for $1 each.

Bottom Shelf: jars of fruit. ;) Next to that is is a box of coloring and workbooks for Ryanne, my 4-Ker. Next to that are educational books we own. The kids get to look at those when we need a little extra time. Sometimes we can study a little more on a subject with those or do an experiment found in them. They are fun books!

Fifth Shelf: PhonicsWorks Kit with the notebook on top. Next to that is our Phonics box. It has our notebook and the books we are currently working on. In it I have semester one and the handwriting book right now. I'm not sure which ones Collin will need at the beginning of school. We'll see once his lessons show up in the OLS (online school). Then he has the language arts box and his books to read are stacked next to it along with the extra phonics books he won't be using at the beginning of the year.

Fourth Shelf: This one I have the other subjects.

Third Shelf: Math manipulatives and art stuff. Then I have the white basket with "office supplies" like a stapler, glue, hole punch, permanent markers, paper clips...etc. The purple one on top is Collin's pencil box with a few sharpened pencils and pencil sharpener. The yellow box is full or markers and crayons.I don't have a desk where these things can stay. I have to be able to move them back and forth so we can eat dinner at the table too. hehe! If you have your own school room then be very grateful! :)

Second shelf and some of my stuff is up there.

Top shelf: this is where I have other education stuff --- experiment kits, electricity kit, Leap Frog geographical map thing...

That's how we are organized. I dream of one day having enough room for a classroom but until then... this is it.
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