Saturday, July 21, 2012

Touch a Truck Day

Yay!! The kids went last year with Paul. They just drove by it and saw something happening so they caught the very end of it. This year.... we went for a couple of hours!! :) The whole event was COMPLETELY FREE!!!! I love free. :)

The policemen were handing out snow cones to all the kids... for FREE.

In the firetruck.

In the helicopter...

In the back of the ambulance.... (for fun, not an emergency)

in a tractor-trailer truck.

Collin driving.... get off the roads!!

Bucket truck....

Collin was holding up Ryanne so she could be seen. They are in the bucket of the bucket truck in honor of their Uncle Gee who gets in one of these things on a daily basis. :)

Bouncy house!

Ryanne coming out of the bouncy house down the slide.

Collin catching some air on his way down the slide.

There was a storm coming so the helicopter had to leave before the weather. The kids LOVED watching it take off!! It was soooo windy.

And the finale!! The firetrucks were spraying the kids and making a splash zone!!! Ryanne is the one in the middle with the yellow shorts on . Collin is one of the boys on the left... the one farthest in the back looking in the other direction.

I was trying to get a shot of the firetruck. See... the firemen are spraying the kids. They liked to occasionally move the nozzle and spray the parents. haha! They all ran. I stayed far enough back that it didn't reach me unless the wind blew hard.
Fun time!! I'm so glad that our town has so many fun free activities for the kids.

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Traci said...

FUN! I was sad to miss it this year :(