Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rahab -- "Spacious"

Rahab was the harlot who hid the Israelite spies at Jericho. :)

Scriptures to Read:
Joshua 2:1-21; 6:17-25
Matthew 1:5 (spelled Rachab)
Hebrews 11:31
James 2:25
LDS Bible Dictionary pg 759

The Hebrew spies entered Rahab's home asking for help. She agreed. In return, she and her family was allowed to live.

Paul mentions her faith in the Hebrews scripture. I imagine it took great faith in these strangers to allow them access to her home. If she did not have faith then she would have perished with "those who were unbelieving and disobedient".
James brings up Rahab's example as well. He said she was "justified by works". So, through her faith and good works she was saved from the fall of Jericho.
Now, when I think of Rahab I will instantly think of the famous scripture mastery James 2:17-18 ----
Faith - Works = Death

Another amazing lesson taught to us by Rahab - she was a harlot. Therefore, we know she made some mistakes in her life. When the Lord needed her, she was there and did what needed to be done. So, even if we've made mistakes, the Lord will forgive us and through our faith and works we, to, can be extraordinary.

Questions to ask ourselves about Rahab.
1- What is unique about this woman and her story?
2- How does she fit into the time period in which she lived?
3- What Christlike qualities does she exemplify?
4- What would I ask her if I met her?
5 How can I relate to her and learn from her?
1- This woman and her story are unique because she was a harlot, a sinner, and overcame those mistakes to save the Israelites.

2- She fit into that time period she lived as a woman. A woman with very few rights and making a living the only way she knows.

3- She exemplifies a few Christ-like qualities. The first obvious one is her faith, Paul even discusses this one. It was talked about on the previous page as well. The other is humility. TO be truly forgiven then one must humble themselves before the Lord. She must have truly been humble to be forgiven and to admit that her people were wrong and worshiping idols was wrong ad that these Israelites knew what they were talking about so she chose to help them instead of the people she grew up with.

4- If I met her, I would ask her how she knew so quickly that God was the one true God. I wonder if they bore testimony to her and the spirit was just that incredible.

5- I can relate to her and learn from her because I have made mistakes and so has every other person out there. But, we also know of the Atonement and our opportunity to be forgiven. That is what this amazing woman teaches us. Repent - have faith - do good works and we too may be favored of the Lord.
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