Thursday, August 2, 2012

1st grade classroom

Ryanne has had the little red desk and used it last year. But, Collin worked at the table all the time. The table came up to his armpits and his feet couldn't reach the floor. This often caused him to sit on his knees and lean all the way on the table (which annoyed me), his legs kicked the table legs constantly and then we had to move everything around for meal times. It was so frustrating. So... Paul and I decided to get him a desk. He has a chair too but part of it was damaged in shipping so a replacement part is on it's way to our house! :)

 Let me explain my new organization method. I got the idea from another virtual schooling mom... Here's a link. I thought it was such a good idea so I'm doing it too. I do like the folders she used but I didn't have one. However, I had this hanging file box sitting around taking up space so I thought I'd actually put it to use. I have six folders just like the example. At the beginning of the week I get all the assignments put in the appropriate folders so an entire week's worth of work will be filed.
The first three folders are Math, Phonics/Spelling, and Language Arts. He must take one lesson from each of those daily.
The fourth folder is the "Pick One" folder. This is where I have the history and science assignments. He can pick one each day and it can be whichever one he wants.
The fifth folder is the "Pick Two" folder.

 I have a label on the front of each file folder, covered with packaging tape so we can use a dry erase marker to cross off the work done. Collin will be able to pick out two subjects to work on each day and by the end of the week all of these will be accomplished.

Folder six is the "Pick Three" folder.
TKD is TaeKwonDo. Also, my hubby and I want Collin to practice sitting/standing still. He has trouble focusing so we are going to do focusing activities. My hubby is in charge of the TKD and focusing things. He'll slip the assignments into the folders for us. :) So, here he can pick three assignments each day to do.

By the end of the week Collin will have completed all of his assignments and he will have lots of control over his assignments. The more control he has, the more willing he is to do his work so I'm excited and he's excited. We'll see how this school year goes. We may switch back to workboxes but this one gives him more choice so, we'll see how this goes. =o)

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