Friday, March 30, 2012

Scripture Study Journal

Remember my excitement in finding the Redheaded Hostess and my post about her cool study tips? Well, I have more exciting news about her!

This is me fresh out of the shower so no judging, k? :) Yes, I ordered her scripture journal!!! Isn't that super exciting? Here's proof!
It is incredible!! Here are my notes I took on the Abrahamic Covenant inside the notebook. :)

Don't you just love it and want one too? I sort of wish that I had gotten a TOPIC journal too and use it for the women in the scriptures since I'm focusing on them. Oh well, I'll just keep going with my plain notebook for that one. ;) So, if you want to know more about the journal then click here and if you want to see the selection of journals and how to purchase one of your own then click here. Perhaps you're more talented then me and can make your own. I just thought I'd spend the $10 and buy one and then maybe I can figure it out later. LOL! :)

And, no, I was not asked to put an ad on here for them or review them or anything. I just wanted one and love the one I got so I thought I'd share. ;)
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