Monday, March 19, 2012

TaeKwonDo - Second Level Camo belt

Collin tested last Friday for his Tiny Tiger second level camouflage belt. ;) YAY for Collin!! :)
Ready for some pictures and videos? I am!

Collin is doing his form w/ Ms. Nicole and the other two Tiny Tigers at his same level.

Here is the video of the testing. Unfortunately, it's sideways and I don't know how to turn it.

Here are the Tiny Tiers in their pads waiting for their turn to spar. ;) Aren't they cute? Yeah, there are only 3 Tiny Tigers with belts advanced enough to spar.

Collin is on the right fighting with the other Tiny Tiger boy. They started about a week apart from each other and have gone through this whole thing together. ;)

Here is the first group of sparers resting and watching the grown up group of sparers. 

Here's the video of Collin sparing. Collin is a very logical person and sparing is tough for him because he doesn't have time to think things through. hehe! But, he tries and he has fun so... yeah. :)

The boys just got their new belts and had to do a #2 sidekick for their grand applause before bowing out and going back to their seats.
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