Saturday, April 4, 2009

He can sleep anywhere...

He was being incredibly whiny so I decided we would all go outside and play so I could get a break. I close the gates, sit in the chair and read outside while the kids run wild. It was going great until Ronni took something from Collin so he pulled her hair and she started screaming and stomping at him (honestly, I would have too). So, we came back inside. Both the kids were throwing a temper tantrum so they both went to time out. Collin's time out was the computer chair and Ronni was in the hallway. Collin curled up in a ball and was pretending to snore. Suddenly the snoring stopped. I looked over and realized he was asleep. LOL! He slept for about an hour in this position. He must have been pretty tired... no wonder he was being mean and cranky.
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