Sunday, April 12, 2009

The rest of our Easter week....

Okay... I got a little bit behind. Day 3 we talked about the Garden of Gethsemane but we didn't do an activity.
Day 4 we talked about the betrayal of Jesus and played a friendship matching game.
Day 5 (Friday) so of course we talked about the crucifixion and then we watched the movie Easter Dream (the church library had a copy). It left out a lot of the graphics and geared more for primary kids... yay!
Day 6 We made Easter story cookies and talked about the tomb. The cookies are the ones that you seal up in the oven overnight and they are ready the next morning.
Day 7 We talked about the resurrection and made resurrection rolls. When we were making the resurrection rolls today (pictured below) Ronni didn't really want to help. She spent all of her time trying to eat all the marshmallows. LOL!
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