Saturday, June 1, 2013

Big Weekend

Friday started with Collin's last day of school. YAY!!!

Then, I had to have Ryanne at the recital rehearsal which was scheduled for 3:45-8 but we left at 6 because we had somewhere else to be.

Here is Ryanne and a couple of friends from church who go to the same dance academy. Left danced to Hot, Hot, Hot, Ryanne danced to Don't Go Breaking My Heart, and right danced to Rainbow Bright. So fun! :)

That other place we had to be was Collin's taekwondo testing. He is now a green belt!!! :)

This also earned him another Skylander. Yeah, he was excited! :)

Saturday was Ryanne's actual recital. She did about as well as the other little girls in her class. I recorded it on my phone during the rehearsal for family but it's a horrible recording. My phone doesn't do well in the dark. Paul's is better but it's illegal to record the performance. So.... yeah, it's not recorded. Sorry extended families who wanted a recording!

This was before the show. I dropped her off back stage with the chaperones in the O'Connell theater. So many memories in there! It was weird going to this theater for my daughter. haha!

Just before the intermission they gave out awards to the younger kids because many of them were going home during intermission. Earlier in the week I received an email stating Ryanne would receive an award and I couldn't tell her. They didn't inform me what it was for so I was anxious to learn.

She earned the "Most Improved" for the combo group. There were 3 combo classes (5-7 year olds learning tap and ballet) so I was very impressed. Yay Ryanne! All the kids got the metal but that ribbon at her shoulder is the award she earned.

We also promised her a gift afterwards just like Collin got a Skylander. A few months ago there was a large kidsignment sale and I bought this Douglas and Melissa dollhouse. It came with 2 dolls (Ryanne named Lily and James. We told her their baby had to be Harry. haha!) and all the furniture, car, and "playground" equipment. So cool and such a great deal for... wait for it.... $10!! Oh yeah!

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