Thursday, May 30, 2013

If you ask a mom...

If you ask a mom what brings her joy, she will undoubtedly say her children. Then, she will begin thinking and realize she has a lot of joy in the quiet moments. She will then realize that sprinklers bring her lots of joy because the children are able to play outside and leave her in the quiet. Only, she will realize it's just too quiet and will find plenty of joy in Pandora's 90s pop station as she dances around the kitchen. She will then, no doubt, miss her children and call them inside so they can all dance to 90s pop music in the kitchen despite the   horribly wet mess that is being made on the floor. Being a mom is fun and children being so much joy, in the quiet moments but also the loud ones. :)

*This picture is not from today. It was all wet and the music was coming from the phone. The kids have returned outside to the sprinklers though so I am blogging. :)
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