Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Plan

My kiddos, well, one specifically, has to have some structure or they go a little berserk. So, I have a plan! :)

They have a daily "To-Do" list that consists of:

Journaling: They both need to practice writing and phonics so Ryanne writes phonetically. It's really fun!
Reading: I set the timer for 20 minutes and they read. Then, I read aloud to them for about 10 minutes.
Home: They have to do their daily chores.
Physical: We go outside and play, go on a walk, or go to the park.

Practice: Collin's taekwondo will continue over the summer and I have signed Ryanne up for the 6 week summer season of ballet and jazz. Then, they will both continue piano. So, they have to practice these things. :)
Extra: This is where we'll do some activity... painting, sprinklers, swimming, library, $1 movie, swimming lessons...etc.

This will be good because it's structured enough that I hope the kids won't be too bored but it's still flexible so we can do some of the fun things we are doing this summer without feeling like we can't stick to the schedule. Fun fun!

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