Monday, May 27, 2013

DYT Week 3 for a Type 2

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As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am doing the 30 day Dressing Your Truth Challenge. You dress your truth for 30 days and pay attention to how you feel and how others feel around you. If you can make it through the 30 days without getting 5 compliments then you get your money back.I may also put on some of the colors I am not supposed to wear just to see how I feel in them. But, first, I will get through my 30 days of dressing MY truth. :)

Day 15: I am wearing 2 solids together which is a little boring so I put the flower pins on and a long necklace to help counterbalance the boring. :) I am not sure if the dark to the light is too much of a contrast though. I feel comfortable in it so... eh... not sure.

Day 16: Gray sweater, blue ruffle top and green corduroys. Second day hair and half of it is pulled back into a clip. :)

Day 17: This is an outfit I have worn many times in the past. The difference is the accessories. Also, third day hair is pulled back in a diagonal french braid. I kept some tendrils down and had the braid lose so it flows better. :) I am wearing my favorite earrings which are hard to see in this pic and I love the look of the scarf. Also, that bracelet is so perfect! It's the right color beads so it matches with pretty much anything. My daughter actually made it as a choker necklace for her but she never wears it so she said I could use it as a bracelet. I just doubled it and it fits perfectly. :) Of course, you can hardly see it in this picture but, trust me, it's perfect. :) I also gave up the necklace because the scarf is like a big, runched necklace. :)

Day 18: Today was a day of fun with the kids. Library, park, hanging out with my sister, nieces  and nephew, Sonic fast food, and a ward (church) party tonight at the park...etc. So, I wanted it casual but still fun and needed accessories but the kind that I can run and play in and not overheat in at a park. I thought a necklace would be too much so I went with one of  the t-shirt vests I made and dyed yesterday and decorated it with a flower that brought in the gray from my shirt and brown from my pants. Yay!! I also decided to wear my long earrings to give more framing to my face. This is a fun outfit to wear when I am active. I will have to remember this. :) So glad I made the t-shirt vests. Hard to believe it started off as a white, v neck, men's undershirt, huh?
Day 19: Grocery shopping day. Fun! :) I've worn this outfit before so nothing too exciting. Still awesome though and feeling confident.
Day 20: One of these days I will find another skirt that works with this. LOL! However, I do love that gray skirt! :) It is so perfect and I love how it feels. :)
Day 21: New outfit!!! I love it!! :) I am wearing my $1.75 pants and $3.50 shirt. I think they both look awesome! My hair is in an updue and has a gray flower on the side of the bun too. Love it! You just cannot see it well in this picture. :)

So, this is the end of week 3. I go back and look at the earlier clothes I wore during this challenge and see the mistakes in them. I see the things I disliked about them and love that I am learning more each day that I proceed through this challenge. I only have 1 week left of this 30 day challenge. YAY!!! I am so glad that I decided to do this. =D
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