Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dressing My Truth Challenge Preparation

So, I am striving to complete the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) Challenge of DYT for 30 days. Yikes!! I know... you're asking, "What is Dressing Your Truth?" Remember me talking about the amazing book The Child Whisperer? It's written by the same woman about the same thing but it talks about our clothing style and how these types should dress to make them feel more comfortable and confident in who they are. So far, it has been really fun. I found that most of my clothes were in the style of a type 2 but not the right colors. So, maybe I was trying to find my type 2 style but just hadn't quite pin pointed it. Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire and cannot afford a brand new wardrobe so I had to make some affordable changes, for example:

A type two is soft and subtle so black is not an appropriate color for me so I had to fix that problem.

Guess who got hold of a can of grey spray paint! Oh yes, that was me. I spray painted my black shoes. LOL! :) I also spray painted a belt but didn't get a pic of it. Ooops!
I tried to bleach some of my blacks in the bathtub. That didn't work. They are still black. Next I'll try RIT color remover. If that doesn't work, are there any Type 4s out there who want some clothes? :)

I am also not supposed to wear white. Sorry, type 1s, you don't get my whites because I found a solution. I dyed them. Did you know that RIT dye is only $2.29/box? Oh yeah!! So much cheaper than new clothes. From left to white pictured, a bat wing shirt but it only dyed the lace edging and the rest of it just looks dusted gray but that's okay, it's an interesting, subtle look still. The middle skirt is my favorite. It was tan and white and the white is now gray and it looks really cool. This skirt also had bronze sequence sewn on it which is a type 3 thing so they had to go too. I just used the seam ripper and removed those. The final one was a solid white skirt. It's now gray and looks really cool. I cannot wait to wear these!! :) YAY! 
In a month look for a post with pictures of my DYT experience and how it felt. :) FYI, if you see me regularly then you'll probably see me wearing a lot of the same clothes in the weeks to come because I don't want to go out and purchase new clothes until I see if this works. :)

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