Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yesterday I Would Have Said 'No'

So, I started reading this book called The Child Whisperer. I have only gotten through the type I section and, oh my goodness! This is totally Ryanne. A type I child wants to have fun and be happy. They love pretending and having fun. So many things about Ryanne make so much more sense now. These children often come up with ideas they think would be fun. Of course, I cannot always say yes but these ideas must be acknowledged. I used the tips from the book twice today. At the grocery store she was saying something. I can't even remember it now. I said no and she kept asking. Then I remembered the book and said, "That would be tons of fun and such a great idea but I don't think the grocery store is an appropriate place for it."
She replied, "Really? OK."
That's it. She let it drop. I was so surprised. Haha. It worked.

The other example was this morning. We woke up to rain;no thunder or lightning, just rain. She asked, "May I jump in the puddles?"
In my head I was thinking, no way! Then I thought, this is fun for her and it will make her happy. It won't cause any harm. So, I said yes. She had on her pajamas and just threw on her jacket and boots and ran out into the rain to jump in puddles. She loved it and had so much fun. Love it!

She wanted to play with the water hose in the sun. Again, I said yes.

All the pics are below b/c I am doing this mobile and cannot control where the pics are positioned. Enjoy the joy shown in the pics below.

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