Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Semester...

What classes am I taking for April - September 2013 semester?

As of right now, the plan is that I will take:

  • FDT4 Diversity and Inclusion 3 credits
  • EIT4 Instructional Planning and Strategies (which will finally put me in the classroom) 3 credits
  • EIO4 Instructional Planning, Strategies and Presentation Integration (I already took the pretest for this one and scored pretty high) 3 credits
  • ELO4 Specific Teaching Practices: Elementary Education Integration 3 credits

However, we may exchange ELO4 for:
  • AZC1 United States Constitution 1 credit
  • ELT1 Literacy and Elementary Language Arts and Handwriting 2 credits

Except for that stinkin' Constitution class, it all looks exciting! I can't wait. And... I may actually get in the classroom this year. Our goal is to get me in the classroom for May. It isn't actually student teaching but it is doing tasks in the classroom. YAY! :) Hopefully that will go well.

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