Friday, April 12, 2013

Homeschool Mondays

The first Monday of each month is a special 2.5 hr math and science class for Collin at the local university. He loves it. In March we arrived early so before all the other classmates showed up, they let us explore what the kids were learning about that day -- Cold blooded animals and insects.

Grass hoppers!

Baby Alligator!! :)
So, I knew Collin was going to have fun. But, then I have to entertain Ryanne while Collin is in class because we don't want to drive the 30 minutes home and then 30 minutes back so... we play. :)

In April, they went on an ecology hike and allowed Ryanne and me to tag along. YAY!! So here are some pics from that.
She was showing the kids a wolf spider they found. Oooh!

Collin and his group got the orange chart to search for items on.. their chart just happened to be the BUGS!! :)  It was a group of boys and they thought it was awesome! :)

Found something!

Orange fungus. Weird!

More of that orange fungi. I had never seen such so I took a few pics. LOL!

Baby pines!

Snake!! Okay, there were two groups --- red and purple. Collin is in the purple class and we had the female leader. This guy was over the red class and they found a snake! So, they hung on to it until our paths crossed and then he showed it to us. Yay!! It was a red rat snake.

Ryanne pet the snake. See, she's really girly but loves to play with bugs and dirt too. ;)

Group shot at the end. I don't know why all my pics are all out of order. I'm not redoing them though. Just deal. :)

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