Friday, April 12, 2013

Discover the Dinosaurs

Paul was driving home from work one day and heard the add for this... one weekend only. Collin LOVES dinosaurs and Ryanne loves bouncy houses so we thought this would be the PERFECT thing for them. Then we looked it up and saw the price and gasped. Gah!! But, we thought it would be an awesome treat for them so we tweaked the budget so we could take them. Yay!! We are sooo glad we did. Tons of fun! The lighting was weird in the museum part so the pics are hard to see.

The dinos were animatronics so the kids were controlling this one with that panel. They made him move the big things like his tail all the way down to making him blink. Totally cool! :)

He got to pet a dino!!

Life size dino head eating Collin's head.

We came around the corner and came face to face with this guy opening and closing his mouth at us. This is Collin's favorite dino so I took several pics until I got one not too blurry. My phone, in the dark with moving dinos doesn't result in great pics.

We got to play at being paleontologists. That was pretty fun! :)

Dino putt putt was quite exciting too.

Ryanne made need someone to help her a bit on her form though. haha! I may be able to help her with basketball but I know nothing about golf. Just enough to know this isn't quite right. ;)

Bouncy House!!! Oh yes... Ryanne was in heaven.

What? They get to ride dinosaurs? Oh yes they do. Collin rode the baby T-Rex (remember, his favorite dinosaur!!).

Ryanne rode the triceratops. She thought she was pretty cool up there.

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