Thursday, April 25, 2013

State House Field Trip

So, my sister and I did a little switch-a-roo for this field trip. I have Collin and Ryanne but Collin is the only one in school. My sister has 5 kids and only the oldest two are in school. So, I left Ryanne at her house and Paul and I took her oldest two and Collin to the state house. The younger kids had a blast playing at my sister's house and the older 3 had fun on an educational day at the state house. :) I am so glad that Paul went with us b/c I HATE driving in the city. I find it very intimidating. So glad we live in a tiny city. ;)

This was my oldest niece's favorite monument. She had recently learned about the emancipation of African Americans  in her history class so she was going through the monument telling us what everything was. 

Some of the classmates gathered together for a pic. This wasn't all but the best group picture I had.

Collin is in the white and red shirt sitting behind the kid with his arms spread out wide. My nieces are  just a few steps below him on the right side.

The mosaic glass was amazing.

This is some of the architecture and colors of the main lobby. I thought it was really pretty.

The dome from the inside. This is actually a fake dome placed inside the real dome because the real dome isn't centered in this room.

During the civil war, the northerners started firing and  hit George Washington's monument. Then they realized who  it was and stopped because they actually like him. :)

The stars are where cannon balls hit the state house during the civil war. There are 6 total.

This is a wider shot of the African American monument.

Main lobby

Upstairs mosaic glass. They said this is priceless.

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