Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hiking with 6 kids and a grandma

This time my sister's oldest was going to a birthday party. Since she lives 30 minutes out of town we thought it would be fun if we hung out together. It was a beautiful day and we were both broke so we decided on a free, outdoors activity. In our little city there are 1200 acres of forest and wetlands in the middle of it. Isn't that odd? Yes, but it's awesome! We get cell reception in the middle of the woods. So, we decided to go hiking. My mom was in town as well so we took their grandma along as well. So fun! Here are some pics from our 2 mi adventure in the woods. Collin and my 2nd oldest niece are both in first grade and have been learning about habitats in science. This was a great opportunity because the route we took was through wetlands and forest habitats. We were able to talk about book and make it slightly educational as well. ;)

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