Monday, May 13, 2013

Dressing Your Truth Week 1 for a Type 2/1

This has given me an entirely new outlook on myself. I have always hated my looks and wanted to change them. Constantly trying to improve. If I can only do this then I'd be beautiful. Well, not anymore!

Day 1:

I will admit. I felt a little awkward today but I got comments that I looked really cute from people. This just wasn't my normal style and I felt like I stood out a bit too much. I know I probably didn't but I felt like I did.

Day 2:
Today I felt good! :) My husband even came home and told me how hot I looked. That felt good. :) I took my daughter to dance later and got several comments that I looked really nice. It was a great feeling. I rarely got comments before. Yay!! I think I felt more confident today than yesterday because I incorporated my secondary type (type 1) into my hair. A type 1 is fun and yesterday I just looked too "flowy". It wasn't me. Today, I added some "fun" and felt much more myself. I think Carol would say that I need more jewelry but I am working my way up little by little. My pants in this picture look black but they are actually jeans with a navy blue base. :)
Day 3:
I forgot to show off my new handbag!! :) I got it for $4 from Salvation Army. Woot! I have always worn army green messenger bag style purses. I thought they would be less noticeable and these little things were always so "fancy" to me. Then, I saw this little bag. It was soft and comfortable, it was the right colors, the right size and the right price so I got it. Now, I think I actually love it. I was walking around the supermarket and was sure everyone was staring at me and my little bag and then I looked around and realized they weren't b/c they all had bags similar to mine. LOL! I don't know why I worry so much.
This is an outfit I have worn many times in the past. However, this time, my shirt has been dyed. The laces are gray and the shirt part is an off white color. I need a necklace but don't have one the right length for this outfit. I love my hair!! It's fun but still soft and flowing and the scarf just helps soften up the look.
Day 4:
So, today I tried an outfit that I hated. Ack! I don't know why. I think it was that the collar was too high. I may have to make some adjustments to the shirt. So, I kept the skirt (this is the white one I dyed) and dug in my husband's side of the closet and stole his charcoal gray button up shirt and the end result was kinda cute in a lounging around the house type of outfit. :)
See, isn't that so much better? I continue to feel confident in my body and I am feeling beautiful. I want to go places just to get the compliments I keep getting. Now, I just wish I had some cute sandals to wear with this outfit. I may just have to wear my flip flops until then. They are clear but maybe I'll spray paint them. ;)       

Day 5:
I love knowing how to dress for me. Today is a cleaning, shopping, Lowe's Build and Grow type of day so I didn't want to go off dressed up too nicely so here is what I chose.

     Notice that I am wearing two necklaces!! :) Yeah! Win for me! :)I am also wearing a dark gray scrunchie on my wrist. Does that count for a bracelet? LOL! Okay, so I am not wearing shoes yet but, here's a secret, I wasn't for any of the other pics either, I just managed to not get my feet. Not sure how I did that this morning. Oh well. haha!                          

Day 6:
Today, I gave a talk in church on Motherhood for Mother's Day. My entire ensemble (the clothing anyways, not any accessories) came from Goodwill for $10. Woot! After my talk, so many people at church told me how great of a talk it was but two people came up to me and told me I looked "Fantastic" and "Amazing"!! Oh yeah! I was excited! Today is also the first day I used the curly hair method recommended for a type 2. My hair is even curlier. They didn't all form into giant ringlets, which is what I have always hated about my curls, but formed loose, flowing curls all over my head. It was fun. I am so pleased with how today's outfit turned out and the reactions I received at church. YAY! I wish you could feel the skirt too... so soft and smooth. Love it!
Day 7:
I think I now like my hair like this. I love the casual look on me even. Ah! I just cannot tell you how much Dressing Your Truth has done for my self-esteem and it's only been a week. I already feel beautiful. I know I am still overweight but I feel beautiful even though I am. I will continue living my life in a healthy manner but will not be so obsessed with what shows up on the scale. I am happy and beautiful as I am.

My shirt was $2.50 from Goodwill. The pants I have had and my gray belt is a black belt I had that I spray painted pewter gray. :) I did my hair the type 2 way again and this time just left it down. We'll see how it does. :)

 Here is the end of my first week of dressing MY truth! :)
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