Monday, May 13, 2013

Dressing Your Truth Week 1 for a Type 2/1

This has given me an entirely new outlook on myself. I have always hated my looks and wanted to change them. Constantly trying to improve. If I can only do this then I'd be beautiful. Well, not anymore!

Day 1:

I will admit. I felt a little awkward today but I got comments that I looked really cute from people. This just wasn't my normal style and I felt like I stood out a bit too much. I know I probably didn't but I felt like I did.

Day 2:
Today I felt good! :) My husband even came home and told me how hot I looked. That felt good. :) I took my daughter to dance later and got several comments that I looked really nice. It was a great feeling. I rarely got comments before. Yay!! I think I felt more confident today than yesterday because I incorporated my secondary type (type 1) into my hair. A type 1 is fun and yesterday I just looked too "flowy". It wasn't me. Today, I added some "fun" and felt much more myself. I think Carol would say that I need more jewelry but I am working my way up little by little. My pants in this picture look black but they are actually jeans with a navy blue base. :)
Day 3:
I forgot to show off my new handbag!! :) I got it for $4 from Salvation Army. Woot! I have always worn army green messenger bag style purses. I thought they would be less noticeable and these little things were always so "fancy" to me. Then, I saw this little bag. It was soft and comfortable, it was the right colors, the right size and the right price so I got it. Now, I think I actually love it. I was walking around the supermarket and was sure everyone was staring at me and my little bag and then I looked around and realized they weren't b/c they all had bags similar to mine. LOL! I don't know why I worry so much.
This is an outfit I have worn many times in the past. However, this time, my shirt has been dyed. The laces are gray and the shirt part is an off white color. I need a necklace but don't have one the right length for this outfit. I love my hair!! It's fun but still soft and flowing and the scarf just helps soften up the look.
Day 4:
So, today I tried an outfit that I hated. Ack! I don't know why. I think it was that the collar was too high. I may have to make some adjustments to the shirt. So, I kept the skirt (this is the white one I dyed) and dug in my husband's side of the closet and stole his charcoal gray button up shirt and the end result was kinda cute in a lounging around the house type of outfit. :)
See, isn't that so much better? I continue to feel confident in my body and I am feeling beautiful. I want to go places just to get the compliments I keep getting. Now, I just wish I had some cute sandals to wear with this outfit. I may just have to wear my flip flops until then. They are clear but maybe I'll spray paint them. ;)       

Day 5:
I love knowing how to dress for me. Today is a cleaning, shopping, Lowe's Build and Grow type of day so I didn't want to go off dressed up too nicely so here is what I chose.

     Notice that I am wearing two necklaces!! :) Yeah! Win for me! :)I am also wearing a dark gray scrunchie on my wrist. Does that count for a bracelet? LOL! Okay, so I am not wearing shoes yet but, here's a secret, I wasn't for any of the other pics either, I just managed to not get my feet. Not sure how I did that this morning. Oh well. haha!                          

Day 6:
Today, I gave a talk in church on Motherhood for Mother's Day. My entire ensemble (the clothing anyways, not any accessories) came from Goodwill for $10. Woot! After my talk, so many people at church told me how great of a talk it was but two people came up to me and told me I looked "Fantastic" and "Amazing"!! Oh yeah! I was excited! Today is also the first day I used the curly hair method recommended for a type 2. My hair is even curlier. They didn't all form into giant ringlets, which is what I have always hated about my curls, but formed loose, flowing curls all over my head. It was fun. I am so pleased with how today's outfit turned out and the reactions I received at church. YAY! I wish you could feel the skirt too... so soft and smooth. Love it!
Day 7:
I think I now like my hair like this. I love the casual look on me even. Ah! I just cannot tell you how much Dressing Your Truth has done for my self-esteem and it's only been a week. I already feel beautiful. I know I am still overweight but I feel beautiful even though I am. I will continue living my life in a healthy manner but will not be so obsessed with what shows up on the scale. I am happy and beautiful as I am.

My shirt was $2.50 from Goodwill. The pants I have had and my gray belt is a black belt I had that I spray painted pewter gray. :) I did my hair the type 2 way again and this time just left it down. We'll see how it does. :)

 Here is the end of my first week of dressing MY truth! :)


Traci said...

Linda, you look fantastic! Great outfits! You have totally inspired me to try this Dressing the Truth thing. I am in a style rut. I wonder if we could discuss this for one of our Mother's of Young Children classes? This would be great! I guess this could go under the "more than just a mom" category.

ALYN said...

We were commenting about you last night Linda! You do look happy and fabulous. Way to go! Let your light shine! Very fun. I should do my hair...

Ziff S said...

Thanks ladies!! :) I do feel great! I am afraid... you guys spoke about me? Ack! haha!

ALYN said...

Only good things! DON'T worry! WE missed you. OF course good things!

Miss Type 3 said...

I found your blog on my friend, Jane's, blog group. What a fun read this was! I too have found how great Carol Tuttle DYT is.

You look great! Really! And each day I see how much more comfortable you are in your own skin and how much you are embracing this style. And you talked about how you didn't want to get looks or stares, but it's good to get looks of people noticing that you look nice--which you do! Do what feels best for you! You'll grow more comfortable into what to add to your wardrobe and accessories. Soon you'll find your own style.

You're beautiful! I loved the part when you said that your hubs said you looked good! So sweet!

Keep it up!