Friday, May 10, 2013

The Sun Returned!

After a couple of weeks of rain (South Carolina is no longer in a drought). So, the sun was finally shining and it was in the 80s so we used that to our advantage. :) And, yes, I am very aware that we need to mow the lawn. ;)

Collin wasn't a fan of the cold water. It took him a while  to get in. Finally, I just picked him up and took him in. LOL! He laughed and then he was fine. ;)

We had a water fight. Occasionally one of us would grab the sprinkler and chase the others. Yes, I was involved in these water fights too. So fun. I was out there in my swimsuit chasing them as well. Tons of fun!

Not really sure what was happening here. They both stuck their bums in the water and laughed. Weird kids. haha!

Arwen, the dog, wanted nothing to do with the sprinklers. She was hiding under my chair or the slide. But then the kids took the sprinkler to the slide. ha! Poor Arwen.

Then they made mud and slid down face first into it. haha!! It was very funny watching. I did not participate in this part.
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