Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dance 2013-2014 season and summer 2013

So, Ryanne is now registered for dance class for summer and fall. YAY! We figured out what we are going to do.

For the summer she will be taking a combo class of ballet and jazz. This is only  6 week session so she'll have a break from dance as well, of course, she doesn't want one. LOL!

For fall, we are going to keep her in the combo tap/ballet class one more year but also sign her up for mini jazz. She is soooo excited! :) YAY!!

For your enjoyment, watch this practice class of Ryanne dancing. :)

Next week we will get her costume and then she will have picture day. Then only two weeks from that will be the recital on June 1st. May 31st is her rehearsal and Collin's testing for his next belt.Not to mention, May 31st is Collin's last day of school so we have to finish all that up. Phoo! This month is going to be busy!!! I cannot wait for summer vacation. ;)

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