Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting my dye on! :)

So, I needed some vests and little jackets that could be worn to create more layers but that wouldn't add too much heat because I do live in South Carolina and it's already in the 80s with high humidity and it's May. You walk to the mailbox and return to the house sweating and grateful for A/C. :) On pinterest I ran across this tutorial on making t-shirt vests.Oh, did I mention it is a no sew project? Yeah! I don't have to pull out the sewing machine. I love craft projects but pulling out the sewing machine and setting it up is such a pain. Anyways, so I bought a pack of 3 men's undershirts for a little over $7.

Then I cut them to the right design. Two of them I left little sleeves on them and one of them I did sleeveless. However, white is not a color I can wear when I Dress My Truth so I had to dye them. Yeah!! So, my white t-shirt vests turned from the above color to this:

The vests are colored, from top to bottom,  maroon (1.5 gallons hot water, 2 Tbs wine RIT dye, and 1 tsp dark brown RIT dye), violet brown (1.5 gallons hot water, 1/2 Tbs dark brown RIT dye, and 1/2 tsp purple RIT dye), and plum (1.5 gallons hot water, 1 Tbs navy blue RIT dye and 1/2 tbs wine RIT dye). I also threw in a skirt to the plum and my tan pants into the maroon. Those pants started off a deep brown but they were too dark. So, I used the RIT color remover which lightened them up but still not right. So, I added them to the maroon and now they are a milk chocolaty, rosy brown. Perfect!

And, here I am wearing the plum vest. 
What do you think? I think I like them. :)
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