Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meandering Through The Neighborhood

The kids and I have taken to going on a (almost) daily walk. I try to walk faster to burn some calories though so the kids tend to ride scooters or bikes so they can keep up with me. Sometimes Collin jogs. He loves to go running with me but my knees always hurt so I don't do it anymore.

Here are some fun pics of the kids. :)

Right off our driveway.

1/2 mile down the street and still going strong. Well, Ryanne looks a bit tired but she made it about 1/4 mile longer before turning around. Collin likes to go all the way down the street which is almost 1.5 miles before heading back to our house.  However, yesterday he decided to head back when his sister was tired.

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alecia said...

How fun, and that is so awesome you are respecting your knees' needs. Meandering, love it. ;)