Monday, May 20, 2013

DYT Week 2 for type 2

This is a 30 day challenge. If you'd like to see my first week then click here.

Day 8: I am continuing the challenge, of course. I got my 5 compliments within the first 2 days but I thought it was neat keeping track of everything so I'll continue. :) Today, I have a sick child so, unfortunately, I am not going anywhere. However, my daughter and I both went for hair cuts yesterday. She got a fun one and I got more extreme layers in my hair so it flows better instead of forming a triangle on my head b/c who wants a triangle head? The shirt I am wearing came from TJMaxx back in November or so. The pants came from there too at the same time, however, they were dark brown. Yessterday I used RIT Color Remover and it lightened it up enough that it matches my chroma card now. YAY! :) Oh! Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture WITH the chroma card so you can see what it was. So, here are my newly lightened pants and my new haircut! :)

I need to clean the mirror again. It's all smudged b/c my son drew smiley faces all in the fog when he got out of the shower. haha! So, you look at the mirror and smile now but it makes for a smudgy picture. LOL!

Day 9: I am excited because even if Collin is sick I will be taking Ryanne to dance so I am going out in public. haha! Yeah, I'm a little weird now. I just love that I know how to dress now and I don't look frumpy. I just want to walk around and yell, "I'm not frumpy!!!" haha! But, since I am a 2 and don't really want to yell and have people stare at me that way, I'll just go with walking around and happy because I feel confident in the way I look. :)
Yay! Today's outfit consists of things I have worn before but they are put together with different things making a new outfit. I am wearing my $2 shirt from Salvation Army, my khakis from TJMaxx and the scarf I picked up at Walmart for $5. I didn't wash my hair today so the scarf is in my hair. Otherwise, it could be fun as a loose belt today too. :)
Oh!! And, in my hand is the chroma card. I mentioned it yesterday. I hold it up to outfits and see if it blends with the outfit. If it pops from the outfit then it's not one of my colors. ;) I love this little chroma card. The kit also came with a teeny tiny one to keep in the purse so you always have one with you if you're out shopping. :) It is very handy.

Day 10: This outfit, I didn't feel very confident in. I think it was the combination with those pants. My gray shoes are a pewter gray so they are very light and these gray pants are a darker gray so they just felt funny together. Not sure. Anyways, this was my outfit for day 10.

Day 11: I really like this outfit. They are the first colored pants I bought that aren't the neutral blue jeans, black or brown/khaki colors. They are GREEN!! Ack! haha! But, I really like them. They are also a fine corduroy so they are really soft and I cannot stop rubbing them. I may look sort of funny walking around in public rubbing my leg. I'll have to resist. haha! I googled them and to buy them new, Cambio Jeans Sharon, they are $158. Oh my heck! Why would someone spend so much on a pair of pants? Oh well, keep spending and then donate to Goodwill so I can purchase later. :) The shirt is also new, it is GAP. Together, I spent $4.50 on the two of them. Oh yeah! I love thrift stores and have no idea why people would go anywhere else. They are even easier to shop at now that I know what I am supposed to wear. It is awesome! :)
I took a couple of pics with this outfit. One with the scarf as a cowl neck. I didn't like that. One with no scarf. It looked too boring. So, I finally took one as an infinity scarf. Love! Sorry the color is so yellow. Not sure what happened there. ;)
Day 12: This is an Ann Taylor Loft shirt. They normally sell for $50 and I got it for $3!! Yay!! It's hard to tell in the picture but it's a purple shirt. This outfit is fun! I love how the flower in the hair softens the whole look. The flower has a hair clip and a pin on the back so it can be worn in the hair or on a shirt or scarf. You can order them online for $12-16 but I found them at Hobby Lobby for $3.50. I bought 2 of them and saw how simple they were to make so I found directions online. Hopefully I'll be able to make a bunch more. Love them!! :) The jeans are just an old pair I already had.

Day 13: I love dressing up for church now! :) So fun! Today I wore a ruffled shirt. Can you believe that? Me with ruffles? Yeah, I thought it was crazy too but I love it!! It's blue with lace and t-shirt ruffles.I got it from Goodwill for $3 and, after Googling, it's a Kohl's shirt that normally sells for $20. The sweater was originally a light purple but I dipped it in some gray dye and darkened it up a little bit, just enough for me to feel comfortable in it. LOVE IT!! It's also a Goodwill find that normally sells for about $20 and I paid $3. I am also wearing a flower in my hair today. I love the flower look. It really softens up the whole look and it sort of brought in the gray from my skirt to complete the blended look. This is also second day hair so the flower helped to hide that little issue. LOL! :)
Okay, the top doesn't look blue and the sweater doesn't look violet but it really is. :) Oh, and I got so many compliments today! I guess I really don't get my money back for the course. haha! I got 5 compliments today alone! Carol Tuttle says if you don't get 5 compliments during the 30 day challenge then she'll return your money. Yeah, I don't get my money back but that's okay. Apparently my confidence is growing. People are noticing the growth of confidence and commenting on it. My hubby is a big fan of the confidence. ;)

Day 14: Just want to say that Mondays are tough. The days start early with speech and occupational therapies so this is day 3 hair for me. I don't normally go this long without washing it. LOL! So, it's a bit rough. I am trying to learn how to though because I hear people say they love day 2 and 3 hair so I am going to see if I can figure out how to do that. I have Old Navy Gauchos on! Woot! I really love the way gauchos look so I was excited to find these. This is the same t-shirt I've had for a little while. I think I was pictured with it before. Anyways, here's my outfit.

I really need to figure out a better place to do these pics with better light. Here is a shot of my hair and earrings. I love them! :) The earrings are so fun. It's a long chain but has an elongated spiral that goes around the chain. They are perfect type 2 earrings. LOVE THEM. Then the flowers are just adorable I love how well they soften the look. It's hard to see but there are two flowers in my hair, the pink and the gray one. ;)

I have no been dressing my truth for 2 weeks. I cannot believe it or how great I feel. My husband comments about the increase in confidence he has seen in me too. I love knowing how to dress and being able to feel confident in myself.

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alecia said...

Gray and purple make your face shine, it is awesome! So beautiful, Linda!