Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's pretty self explanatory... =D Above are the kids in their costumes... astronaut and a flightless fairy (I never got a chance to make her wings). Below is me... I'm a... uh..... I'm not sure. I am whatever I could throw together. ;)

WOW!!! I think we have enough candy to last a while. Collin already has a mouthful, we ate candy while trick or treating and this doesn't include the candy we got yesterday at a party. ;) I think their rewards box will be stocked for a while. ;) I pulled out a handful of the candy that they get to eat but the rest they have to earn. Collin earns stars and Ronni earns flowers. Collin is already talking about how he can't eat too much candy b/c it's bad for his body. LOL! He's been really good at not pigging out. Ronni.... that's a different story. She has quite the sweet tooth. =D
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